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Welcome to the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) for Please review our list of common questions and the solutions to solve many common problems for our site.. After reviewing this list, if you need further assistance, please contact our staff at

Login Problems

Q: I can not login with my username and password.

A: Please make sure that you have purchased a license with Please check your username and password carefully (password is case sensitive) and attempt to login. If you still can not access your account, please click the "Lost Username/Password" link located below the login area.

If you attended a live event and received complimentary access to the site, you must go through the membership purchase process and use the supplied conference code to complete the registration. During this process you will be prompted to create your username and password.

Unaccessible Content

Q: I am trying to access a session, but it does not play?

A: An Unavailable session indicates that we have not yet received the presentation materials for the given session. Or the presentation materials are being processed and will be available shortly. Please note that some materials will not become available at any point per request of the speaker or association.

Q: I am trying to access a session but I can not find its listing.

A: At the request of the speaker or association some sessions are unavailable for resale and are removed from our listings.

Downloading Content

Q: The related content documents do not download?

A: File downloads that do not start or prompt you to save the file to your computer indicate a connection failure or the content is being blocked by your local network. To resolve this problem, please submit a support request at and indicate the file you are attempting to download. Once our support team has determined that the user's network is blocking the content, Further action may be needed by contacting your network administrator.

Q: I am trying to download a file associated with a session and the download stops before it has completed downloading.

A: File downloads that stop in the middle of a download indicate a connection error to the server. This is caused by an intermittent internet connection where you loose your connection to the internet for a brief period of time. Connections associated with this activity are usually dial-up, or Wi-Fi with a low signal strength. In most cases you can simply (Retry or Resume) your download from within your browser's download manager after you have re-established your internet connection.

Conference Codes

Q: The conference code I received does not allow me access the site.

A: Conference codes are activated immediately following the ending of the conference or summit. If you are attempting to enter your conference code before this time please try again after the conference adjourns.

A: You or another user may have already redeemed this conference code. Conference codes only need to be entered once. After this, your purchases can be accessed through your account.

Q: I can not redeem the conference code that was given to me by the conference administrator.

A: Conference codes are supplied only to registered attendees of the live conference or summit. These conference codes match the registration name and can only be accessed by the registered attendee.

Q: I have lost or misplaced my conference code.

A: To recover your conference code, please submit a support request containing the original registration confirmation # supplied by the conference organizer. Please include your full name and e-mail address that was used at the time of purchase.

Media Playback issues

Q: I click a session to watch and it stops after 2 minutes and tells me to register or log-in.

A: The site allows guest to view content for up to 2 minutes before requiring log-in. If you get this message, you are not logged into the portal.

Q: I can hear the audio but cannot see the video.

A: This is generally due to an older flash player version. Please go to and download the latest flash player.

Q: The presentation is pausing and restarting during playback.

A: This is usually because your connection does not have enough bandwidth to play the video files. This can also be an intermittent connection or low signal on a wi-fi connection.


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